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7SMILE group healthcare Inc. is located in Taiwan.

7SMILE has closed and good relatioship with main factories in Taiwan and USA ,which produce medical or surgical flat face mask or N95 respirator with NIOSH certificate and CE FFP2 respirator.

When you choose to work with 7SMILE, you don't need to worry about the quality and payment issues, because 7SMILE will take care of these issues for you before you transer your payment to the factories, 7SMILE will inspect the goods and check the quality for buyers prior to your payment.
Besides, 7SMILE can help you to source other items you like to buy in Taiwan.

The chief executive officer of 7SMILE has more than 25 years of experiences in the sales,markeing and sourcing for the international trade industry.

Welcome to contact us and work with 7SMILE. We are sure that you will see smile everyday!!

Have you a wonderful day!
Yours truly. 

Pearl Chang
Chief executive officer of 
7SMILE group Healthcare Inc.